This month’s survey of Netmarketshare has revealed some information which will relieve Microsoft a bit. Data shows that Windows 8 market share has risen a bit and that of Windows XP has dropped down. The data collected is based on the desktop OS usage by versions. The pie charts shown in the image represent the market share of Windows OS by versions for August 2014 and July 2014 respectively. The figure shows that in one month the Windows 8 market share rose from 5.92% to 6.28% which is a fairly good news for Microsoft. On the contrary, the usage of XP decreased from 24.82% in July to 23.89% in August.

Windows 8 Market share rises as XP market share drops

Microsoft had officially quit use of Windows XP and encouraging users to switch to the new Windows 8. This month’s statistics from Netmarketshare reveal similar results. The market share of Windows XP has decreased by almost 1 %. But surprisingly, Windows 7 has proved consistency in this two month span. This means either the users who quit Windows XP shifted to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 or they have switched to some other operating system. The increasing share of Windows 8 indicates users are getting more and more accustomed with the new platform.

The data collected here are based on wide network of metadata extracted from the internet. The data accounts for those machines which are connected to the internet. Devices which are not connected to the internet, are not included in the survey.

Source: Netmarketshare


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