Cortana is just awesome to be true. Cortana is the artificially intelligent personal assistance service which made its first inception with the Halo game series. Cortana can wake you up, inform you about the weather outside, nearby restaurants, remind you of important events, anniversary and birthdays, tell you story and even sing you song when you are lonely. The more you use the more you will be mesmerized. Now recently a peculiar thing is happening when you ask Cortana to sing you a song.

Cortana with new songs which she can't sing yet

When you ask Cortana to sing a song, she is presenting new songs which she can;t sing but is reading them aloud. In general, if you ask Cortana to sing a song for you, she would come up with a song and sing it for you. All you have to do is open Cortana from you Windows Phone 8.1 model and give the following command “Sing Me a Song”. She will sing you songs with beautiful tune. But recently she is resenting new songs which she doesn’t know how to sing. May be she is still in the stage of rehearsing the new songs to sing for you soon. To get Cortana you must have Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone or get you Windows Phone 8 updated to Windows Phone 8.1 if the update is available.


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