Windows 8 has been controversial since birth and has never ceased to receive mixed reactions regarding its role as a user friendly OS. Windows 8 has been mainly framed as tablet operating system has so many users have failed to appreciate its use efficiency.

So Microsoft is trying to get better and friendly with the new version. It’s a pleasure to inform our viewers that Windows 8.1 is going to be an update of present Windows 8 and the users will be able to update their OS from the current version of Windows 8 and that also free of cost.

Windows Blue

News are buzzing that Windows 8.1 is going to bring back the Start Screen but the video released by Microsoft recently does not mention about it but some really exciting features will be incorporated in the updated version whose details can be found in the previous article. As it was heard that the new version would be known as Windows Blue, but all the features that will be included are only a better version of the previous one. Hence the official name has been given as Windows 8.1. Another user friendly feature that has been added is the direct booting of the computer straight to the Desktop without the intermediate Start Screen.

So we can look forward to June 26 to witness whether the slogan “Windows keep getting better” can bring back the magic.


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