Windows 8.1 has renamed the Kiosk Mode to Assigned Mode Assigned access. Kiosk is a software which can lock an application to a particular device and restrict the access of a specific system. In other words, a particular user will be assigned access to a particular application and restricted for others. When the Kiosk mode is activated for a user, the software constrains it from getting access to the file system. But sometimes such type of security is not always desirable as saving a file or printing a content may try to load a default driver or tool and would try to access the location to save a file. Kiosk also disables all keystroke sequences like Alt+Ctrl+Del. In order to get rid of the accessed access, the Windows Key has to be pressed 5 times consecutively. Kiosk system software provides security by refraining concerned users from hacking into the kiosk. Kiosk software must be able to prevent misuse of the provided features.

For Assigned Access, you can choose an existing standard account to have access to only one app that you choose. You will have two options of assigning access- i. Choose an account to use for assigned access and ii. Choose an app to open when the account is signed in. These are two available options. For more updates, keep visiting


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