Microsoft has been trying for so long to make a cordial connection between Windows 8.1 and users after they literally thrashed the Windows 8 with tremendous reprimands. But Microsoft was determined and kept on promoting the OS with the new update Windows 8.1. The company even quit Windows Xp in order to give user a bent towards the new OS. But as usual people take time to accept and adapt with changes. The patience ultimately bore fruits. The latest market share update from Net Marketshare says so. The old yet successful version Windows XP although came to its end were still much in use by many users.


The new data from Netshare says that the market share of Windows 8.1 has risen up to nearly 11% from 6.67% for the month of September. This is definitely a big leap for a predecessor of Windows 8 which has never universal acceptance. The accretion has been compromised by the market share of Windows Xp. Now it seems that the old and favorite Xp is getting lost in an acumen. It lost more than 6% of its share and now accounts for only 17.18 percentage which was 24% just two months ago. Windows 8.1 is the latest official version of Windows operating system with the technical preview of Windows 10 just released. The new Technical Preview is receiving a good acceptance as it has brought some sought after features and eradicated some annoying problems. The scenario of market share changes quite frequently. So it’s too early to decide the fate of the extreme ancient and the new versions.


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