Upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and finding it difficult to go back to Windows 7?? Well no worries!! Microsoft has just launched a new recovery website which allows you to go right back to Windows 7 with ease.
Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Technical Preview has included plenty of amazing features that can allure Windows 7 users to fetch the features. But once you update and the do not feel like using the new version, you’ll face difficulty in going back. The following steps will be helpful in sorting out your problem.

Windows 7 Users Alert!! Microsoft launched Software Recovery website

Luckily, Microsoft has created this new recovery Website that will help you accomplish the following:

1. Create a Windows 7 DVD for installation on a new hard drive

2. Create a backup Windows 7 DVD

3. Create a bootable USB drive with a copy of Windows 7

With legitimate Windows 7 product key, you need to select their product language and that’s it, Microsoft will create a new ISO in seconds for you and it will be available for download immediately. This is great news for those who may have lost their Windows 7 media in the past with Microsoft providing you a brand new ISO.


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