Advertising network AdDuplex keeps track of the usage of Windows phones and has come up with an interesting number for the Windows phone platform. The statistics say that Windows 10 Mobile, has been receiving rave reviews and the usage share according to AdDuplex’s reports have jumped to 5.7 % of all Windows Phones. This is pretty good news for Microsoft as the new Windows 10 Mobile OS is still now on the nascent state, i.e. in the Preview Version but still has managed to get a good number of users. The best thing about the report is that the number of Windows 10 Mobile users are increasing.

Windows 10 Mobile market flourishes now

The year 2015 has been a great year for Microsoft as the company launched some amazing devices including its big shot Windows 10. The Windows 10 has done an excellent job since its announcement. So, quite obviously, the faith of users on its upcoming Windows 10 Mobile has been established from the present performance of Windows 10 desktop OS. The usage stat has jumped to 5.7 % from 4.7% last month (and 3.3% in August). Quite efficiently, Windows 10 Mobile has outdone the obsolete Windows Phone 7.x.

The US based study by AdDuplex revealed that a year and a half years old Lumia 635 has expanded its popularity as the most coveted Windows Phone with 31.6% platform share which rose from 30.9% in September. The popular and loved Lumia 640 has occupied the second place in the Unuted States this month, up from 11.2% to 12.3%. The mid to low range phones in developing mobile market like that of India has done a pretty good job.

You can check the overview of the statistics from the image and AdDuplex will share their detailed analysis in a day.


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