Microsoft announced about the Linux Bash during the Build 2016 event. They said that “This is not a VM. This is not cross-compiled tools. This is native. We’ve partnered with Canonical to offer this great experience, which you’ll be able to download right from the Windows Store.” The excitement was in the fact that Ubuntu users will be able to run Ubuntu simultaneously with Windows. You will not require a virtual machine to run Ubuntu as the OS will become an integrated part of Windows 10.

Windows 10 anniversary updates include a whole Linux layer

Windows 10 Anniversary update is here and as promised, the update incorporates the Bash shell in it. Now, the news is that the feature is more than just a bash shell. But much much more! A whole Linux layer is there that lets you enjoy a plethora of features. It includes Linux tools and integrates a new layer like Cygwin with special dll. However, users will get only the bash shell and to get the entire Linux layer, you need to follow some extra steps. The first step includes enabling the Developer Mode on your Windows 10 computer. To check that have a look at the tutorial How to enable Developer Mode in your Windows 10 computer? The next step involves enabling the Linux layer feature.

One thing you must notice, while continuing with the process you may require to download more apps from the Windows Store. The useful Linus tools that will be included in the bash file are wc, sed, awk, grep etc. Users who have knowledge in Linux are well aware that these tools serve more purpose compared to the software packages such as R or SAS. The company has packed all such beneficial files and packages such as SQLite, octave, and gnuplot. This is just the basic, Linux guys can get more innovative with Windows 10, provided the plethora of stuffs at their hands.


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