Mobile usage is overgrowing, and sales teams across the world are out to meet potential customers. By 2014, mobile internet traffic was estimated to by-pass desktop traffic. Did you know in some places such as India mobile traffic has surpassed the desktop one?

It’s clear the mobile app platform is increasing.

Are You Acquainted With Any Benefits of Mobile App Platform?

Envision meeting a potential client, and you can’t access the necessary data or records? Fortunately, most CRM platforms have mobile apps. Besides accessing your records instantly, following are other three reasons your CRM needs a mobile app platform.

1. Can You Imagine All Data on Your Phone?

You don’t need a hotspot, WiFi, or laptop to access crucial records. You open the app on your phone, and the entire tools are ready. You can also access the needed data. Who doesn’t want a plug-and-play salesforce mobile app?

If having Salesforce, the mobile app is free. We want you to do this: download the app for android or apple and log in. You’ll enjoy using the app while at the same time accessing your data instantly.

2. Want to Take a Break from Desktop Version?

Unlike the desktop add ons, the mobile app uses a different layout. Aren’t you aware that you don’t even need all the functions at a go? With an active campaign CRM, you can adjust the app to meet your needs.

Did you know that you can customize most of the mobile CRMs? The consultant or admin can adjust the app to meet your personal needs or those of the marketing or sales team.

You delete what you don’t need and add what’s most important.

3. Can be Used Offline

Who doesn’t enjoy working online? It’s obvious you get worried when you cannot access the internet. The increase of mobile app platforms now simplifies your work.

For instance, with the salesforce add ons, you can now meet your clients at any place and anytime. Contact your admin or visit the app’s site and see functions that are applied offline.

We want you to know that downloading it is where the journey starts. You save considerable amounts of time in the long run.

Salesforce Integration

What else don’t you discern about the mobile apps? The ActiveCampaign brings the entire email marketing aspects together. The app enables an easy-to-use and single platform. The app seamlessly creates engaging and beautiful emails and sends them to segmented subscribers.

Aren’t you aware that email marketing is a top marketing alternative for positive investment returns? Try ActiveCampaign. We know you want real-time reactions and interactions!             

For effective Salesforce ActiveCampaign integration, you need something else: Salesforce. This is a leading application in enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM).

Wrap Up

Who doesn’t like to work with great apps? That’s why Salesforce ActiveCampaign integration comes in handy. We want to give you an excellent mobile app platform that caters your business needs.

Why us? We’re focused on delivering updated information on different apps. Do you have any technical questions? Visit our blog for more. 



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