Why Do We Need To Edit Scanned Documents?

This is an era of technology. Each and every day, we are getting involved with technology more than before. Now, every bank, every office and every workplace are adopting paperless as well as online methods of doing different functions. In a period of transition from paper to paperless, we often need to edit hard documents which is not possible unless we have a potential technology to sort it out. We often need to edit offline or paper documents such as bank statements, offline forms, printed documentation, pages of books, etc.

How To Edit Scanned Document?

You might be wondering is it possible to edit a scanned document. Well, in the present time, we are getting technologies even before we can ask for. So, for editing scanned documents, we have OCR technology. It stands for Optical Character Recognition. The device which deploys Optical Character Recognition is also called OCR, which stands for Optical Character Reader. OCR is a technology in which images of typed, handwritten hard or paper documents are electronically converted into machine encoded text. This text can then be edited using text editor software. OCR is a consolidation of several other technologies such as artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, computer vision, cognitive computing, machine translation, text to speech translation etc.  

PDFelement 7 Pro: A Promising Software To Edit Scanned Documents

PDFelement 7 Pro is an amazing software that can flawlessly convert and edit scanned documents. It enables you to edit PDF and saves you from the time-consuming job of retyping PDFs. The editing ability is pretty amazing. With a state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition technology, PDFelement 7 Pro can perform in two modes “Searchable Text Image” or “Editable Text” mode. With PDFelement 7 Pro, you can edit scanned documents, photos of text documents, etc. It facilitates the conversion of scanned text documents to PDF, batch conversion, conversion of email to PDF, merging multiple documents into one single PDF, robust and accurate conversion and so on.

PDFelement 7 Pro

How To Edit Scanned Documents With PDFElement 7 Pro?

1.First download the .exe file of PDFelement 7 Pro. Install the application and launch it.

pdfelement 7 pro

2. On the top panel, there are 3 options: from Scanner, from File and Combine Files. To add a file to convert, click on From Scanner if you want to add a directly scanned document or From File, if the file is already saved on your computer.

pdf element 7 pro

3. If the file is a pdf, you can edit it directly. If the file is an image of a text document, PDFelement 7 Pro will suggest you to run an OCR.

pdf element 7 pro

4. Now you can edit the document according to your requirements. The software allows editing of both editable pdfs as well as searchable pdfs.

How To Edit Scanned Documents Using Online OCR Service?

Nowadays, editing pdf documents can be done with the help of online OCR websites, e.g. hipdf.com is an All In One online pdf solutions. It enables users to compress, protect, unlock, crop pdf files. You can convert a PDF to an image format and vice-versa. You can merge multiple pdfs into one and split a single pdf to multiple pdfs. There are many more editing options which you can explore.



PDFelement is undoubtedly the best PDF solution available in the market. It’s feature rich, user friendly with versatile editing ability, impressive technologies that support precise conversion. It’s a complete solution to everything related to PDFs. Now it has limited-time offer if you decide to buy it.


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