Why you should use Aliexpress to supply your dropshipping store?

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely to start a new dropshipping store. You may be a brand-new dropshipper who is new to the industry, and you’re looking for suppliers that are dependable and have great products to sell. As you search through the suppliers recommended by others, you have seen a lot of people promoting AliExpress. But is it really as good as they say? We’ll give you a few reasons you should have AliExpress supplying your dropshipping store.

Aliexpress is reliable

In the dropshipping industry, finding a reputable supplier with excellent customer service is like finding a water bottle in the desert. Although many store owners choose to use AliExpress, their popularity should not turn you off from using them in your store. Their reputation is spotless, and their customer service is unlike any other. It is equivalent to dealing with Amazon. If you’re starting a brand new dropshipper and don’t use Aliexpress, it’s like you’re asking for your business to be more difficult than it should. We dare you to go to Aliexpress.com and purchase an item from the site and see their customer service at work firsthand. You won’t be disappointed, and that’s why Aliexpress is so trusting.

There are tons of products that are of high quality.

Scroll around AliExpress’s many products and pages, and you will see hundreds of reviews on pretty much every product. The vast majority of products have a 5 out of 5 ratings, and multiple comments let’s talk about how great the products are. These are all signs you should value when you are considering using a supplier. And when the time comes, and you want to find a new supplier, you should compare the new supplier to Aliexpress. Are they as good as AliExpress? Do they have as many positive reviews as AliExexpress? Aliexpress is a reputable company that stands above the others.   

Aliexpress’s prices are always low or on sale

Because a reputable supplier is rare to find, many suppliers know this and raise their prices. This means if a supplier’s product initially start at a high price, the markup you add to your store might make the product unappealing to buy. It could also eat into your profits, and there will be barely any net profits left once the expenses are calculated.

But the products on Aliexpress are not priced outrageously, even though the site could cash in on its great reputation and a wide selection of products. There are even some products where you can add your store’s markup, and customers will still find it too cheap. Make sure to price all of the products on your store appropriately, as sometimes that is too cheap products are seen as inferior, and customers won’t buy it in fear that it’ll break within two or three uses.


There are three critical reasons why you should work with AliExpress and make them your store’s supplier. The site has demonstrated their customer service to thousands of Dropshippers, the prices of their products are fair and low, the sites carry a plethora of high-quality products that will last. I don’t think we need to say more about how great Aliexpress is, do we?



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