Windows Sandbox

Browser Sandbox protection is a feature that creates a virtual environment and opens your internet browser within the environment to provide security to the entire system. Sandboxing is used to test suspicious or malicious code. If you are opening any infected browser within Sandbox, it cannot affect any other data or file of your system

Lots of sandboxing software applications are available for Windows 7,8 and 10. In general Sandbox means hold sand in a box with high wall to prevent scattering of sand.

Here, the exact same concept has been applied. When you want to test any application without damaging the whole computer or operating system, you can make a sandbox with Windows 10 Sandbox or any other third-party tool.        

Most websites host malicious code without their knowledge. In such cases, if you are browsing with Sandbox then the malicious code will be downloaded in the Sandbox and will be filtered out, thus keeping your system secured. When Sandbox is closed, all data of the sandbox will be erased.

Here we are discussing about sandbox of some popular browsers.

Firefox Sandbox

Firefox also uses Sandbox technology to provide protection to its users. Firefox works in two-part processes: one is parent process and other is child process.  Child process runs into Sandbox and parent process acts as a mediator between child process and rest of the resources of the system.

Users can chose Sandboxing level in Firefox according to security strictness. At level 0 restriction is minimum, at level2 restriction is medium and at level 3 restriction is highest. You can check which level Firefox is using.

  1. Type about:config in the address bar and press enter. This will open configuration page of Firefox.
  2. Press Ctrl+F for the find box.
  3. Write the code security.sandbox.content.level in the find box. This will show the current level of the sandbox.

Chromium Browser sandbox

Chromium is used by Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browser. This works in two parts- a broker process and a target process. All codes are run by the target process in the Sandbox and the broker process acts as mediator between target process and other resources of the system.

Use Microsoft edge In Sandbox

In Windows 10 Pro editions, for all versions, users can use Windows sandbox for Microsoft Edge. Start Windows 10 Sandbox and you will get a new desktop with Edge shortcut and a Recycle bin. You can see all icons and the start menu of the main desktop, but they do not work in the Sandbox desktop.

You can start browsing with maximum security in the Windows 10 Sandbox environment. As the security is high, no one can trace your activity on the internet and any suspicious item cannot harm your system.


  • You can use third-party applications like Sandboxie except Edge to create Sandbox. Now, open that Sandbox and install browser there for security. But when you close the Sandbox, all your browsing history will be deleted and you can not access them again.
  • The Sandbox concept cannot provide 100% security to the browsers. Sometimes, some parts of the browser extend beyond Sandbox. In that case, cyber criminal can access your browsing content.



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