In the technology industry today, there are a variety of jobs for young start-ups and established tech companies in search of recent college graduates. With over 7.3 million available technology jobs in the U.S. today, students across the country are well aware of this massive industry and its capacity for growth. But with so many different fields to specialize in—like security, data storage, app development, and more—it can be challenging to know which skills are most marketable.

One path that students can always trust as a marketable, employable skillset in the tech industry is learning and mastering Microsoft Windows as an operating system. With four times as many users as Apple systems, Microsoft Windows is a platform that will last well into the future as the leading operating system for companies and organizations around the world. Specializing in Microsoft Windows will open many doors—and job opportunities—for tech graduates for several reasons.


Reason #1: Encompasses the Most Sought-After Skills 

Before students enter the job hunt, it is important to consider which type of skills are most sought after by employers. This way, students can quickly secure a well-paid position and begin minimizing student debt and other college-related expenses. Having a range of hard and soft skills it is critical to job readiness. With knowledge and mastery of Microsoft Office, graduates will naturally embody some of the most targeted skills by employers in today’s job market across all industries.

For one, CIP (communication, integration, and presentation) related skills, which Microsoft enables through its technologies, are required for nearly 40% of all jobs. These skills comprise of 10 of the top 20 skills required for high-opportunity positions in the technology industry. Plus, 12% of high-opportunity jobs specifically require Microsoft Office related skills. In combination, embodying any number of these skills will therefore lead to more job interviews and job security.

Reason #2: Advantages of Using Windows

Additionally, there are many benefits to using Windows over other platforms that tech graduates can use to their advantage. For one, Windows offers a huge selection of available software. No matter what a business may need, there’s a good chance Windows offers a software solution that can be easily integrated. If you are a recent graduate hoping to prove your worth to a new company, having knowledge of Microsoft’s products and the ways you can apply its software will boost your employability. Virtually all hardware manufacturers in the tech sphere offer support for Windows when they market a new product due to Microsoft’s influence in the software market. This means that graduates who specialize in Microsoft Windows will be able to work with nearly any new software, much to the advantage of cutting-edge businesses.

Specializing in the Microsoft Windows is still a great career move for recent graduates, as knowing Microsoft’s operating system will allow for the implementation of helpful software alongside marketable hard and soft skills.



Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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