WhatsApp has been always supporting Windows Phone platform when most others have quit supporting Windows Platform. WhatsApp is one of those rare apps that still pushes updates of apps to Windows Phone WhatsApp application. The WhatsApp application is built on Silverlight, the same that ran the apps for Windows Phone 8.1 in 2014. This implies that the WhatsApp app for Windows Phone is not a UWP application and doesn’t run on every Windows 10 device.

whatsapp to bring the app in UWP

This scenario is going to change very soon. WhatsApp really didn’t have any UWP app, although a desktop version was made available by Project Centennial. WhatsApp might be working in collaboration with Microsoft to launch WhatsApp application for Windows 10 Mobile from the Silverlight version. Further, the page has also been pulled from the website.

The page mentioned about a blooming partnership between the two giants. The partnership is about creating a UWP version of WhatsApp with enhanced support towards Windows 10 platform. Special attention will be given towards  inking and Fluent Design. According to Microsoft, the project had “successful result” and that “we [presumably Microsoft] earned high praise from the WhatsApp team”.

The WhatsApp app will be for UWP but the images from the desktop version of the app indicates that it  would function similar to that of WhatsApp desktop. But it will be providing accessibility to the service through a connection with a mobile device. An independent app is still a far fetched accomplishment.


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