A great monitor always complements a good computer and it gives the device a whole new meaning. From graphics and gaming point of view to a media streaming monitor perspective, a great monitor is always celebrated. Nowadays a plethora of high end monitors are reigning the market which include some fascinating 4K monitors, large touchscreen monitors, high resolution wide screen models, etc. Before buying a monitor for your computer, there are certain attributes to look upon before investing. here, I am jotting down the major points to take care of before buying a computer monitor.

computer monitor tips

Size of Monitor and Resolution

Resolution is extremely important for any image and this fact is quite known to you. The best resolution for an everyday use monitor is 1920×1080, also known as 1080p. This resolution is found in a plethora of sizes of monitors, like 24 inches, 26 inches or more. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality.

If the device size is less than 24 inches, then the price will fit your budget, but to get a better monitor experience, you have to invest a bit more to get a much better viewing experience. Such screens are usually bigger than 24 inches.

Types: Standard or Widescreen

You have to decide based on your requirements whether you need a standard screen or a widescreen.

Response Time

The response time of a flat TV screen indicates how promptly the screen can respond to transitions of image  in a video. You can consider a video as a collection of innumerable images. As the objects in the video move or change, it can be thought as the change or refresh in the image. This transition time should be as small as possible. Usually, monitors have refresh rates 60 Hz which is commendable for normal tasks. But if  you are opting for high end experience and can purchase costly monitors, then always look for refresh rate of 120 Hz, 144 Hz or more. With such high refresh rates, the transitions of images in videos is so smooth that it appears as real.

Brightness/ Contrast

Brightness and Contrast are two prime parameters that give your monitor images its required depth. The brightness contrast curve, that is the ratio between the two, produces crisp and vibrant images, The ratio, as mentioned, gives the difference between the brightest white and the deepest black. The brightness specification is expressed as candelas per square meter, that is, cd/m2. The higher the value, the better the image. But to understand the actual image quality, we recommend you to not watch the company launched videos for the TV or monitors. The reason is that they tune the brightness contrast curve to the best value while creating the video and thus the result is always amazing. But the same result will not be there for all videos. So you can check YouTube video reviews for getting the actual picture.

Touchscreen or Not?

Touchscreen monitors are heavily priced because of the enriched functionality. If you do not need a touchscreen monitor, then do not invest such high amount. Invest it for getting better specifications. But if you are really in need of touchscreen devices, for designing, drawing, then always choose a monitor which is an optimum blend of price, specifications and brand value.


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