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While Windows is still one of the leading Operating Systems in the world, Microsoft is looking to compete against Google’s Chrome OS. Formerly codenamed “Polaris”, Microsoft finally gave it an official name: Windows Lite. 

So, what is it? As the name already implies, it’s a lightweight take on the Windows OS that offers fewer features than its predecessors. It is rumored to release within 2019 but so far, the big tech company has not said a word about its release yet nor its full features, we’ve had a glimpse of what they’ll provide in their latest release. Here are the things we know so far

Why is Microsoft Making a Lite Version? 

To put it simply, Microsoft wants to establish itself as the best all-around OS no matter the platform except on phones. With the rise of the Chromebook and the emergence of the Chrome OS, Microsoft refuses to let Google take all the glory. So, they announced a new OS: Windows Lite. It was originally going to be called Windows Polaris but I’m guessing it sounded too mysterious for a lightweight OS. If anything, Windows Lite sounds good: it gives a broad explanation of what it is and what it does, making it easily digestible especially for casual techies. 

As of this writing, Microsoft is still keeping it on the down-low with Windows Lite’s features except for one thing: they’re providing it for laptops and computers with relatively low specs: specifically for small business level computers. 

Obviously, based on the OS name, it will be significantly cheaper compared to Windows proper. It will also use less cores and RAM to run it and, for sure, booting it up as you start your PC will be fast – as long as you don’t have any 3rd party programs that have auto-run activated. 

A Cost-Efficient Computer Usage

If you’re not looking to use the computer for Gaming or live streaming, Windows Lite will surely cut costs if combined with other cheap approaches to building a computer. Combine it with an affordable Internet service and you have yourself a low monthly bill. 

Take CenturyLink for example. According to a CenturyLink review, it will only cost you $50 to $65 plus a telephone. That’s not bad for an internet service. 

Do You Really Need Windows Lite? 

If you’re solely using the computer for business purposes and schoolwork, this is an ideal OS. It’s very affordable without compromising major Windows features. It will feature most of the latest content as Windows 10 except for video game support. 

Because of that, it should be good for parents looking to buy a laptop for their child without them using it only for gaming.

For schools providing notebooks for students, this will make buying by the bulk much cheaper than standard laptops or especially Macbooks. 

Chromebooks have been making good reviews lately and the Chrome OS isn’t bad at all. It’s fast, it’s easy to use and it doesn’t cost as much as Windows 10 Home Edition. 

However just because Windows Lite won’t have the same optimization as Windows 10 for gaming doesn’t mean it cannot work for video games at all. Casual gaming will surely work well like Chrome OS such as running free to play games (i.e. Kingdom Rush, Angry Birds, and Clash of Clans). 

These are just scratching the surface, mind you. We’ll go into full details once Microsoft has released any statements regarding the new OS. Although we still have a bit of doubt with Windows Lite especially when it comes to its official release. We’re not even sure if it will show up this 2019 or anytime at all. Delays are possible and it could be canceled if ever it won’t work at all. Let’s just hope it doesn’t have the same clunkiness as Windows 8 or Windows 2000.



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