Microsoft has done a really great job this time, especially for the teachers and students. If you have installed Windows 10 on your laptops, now is the time to get acquainted with best Windows 10 features that are ideal for a lot of purposes, which you wouldn’t have thought of. After looking at the Windows 10 tablet mode tips discussed below, you are sure to appreciate the use of Windows 10 for teachers! A user might find the general functionality and the usage of the version to be very similar to the former one. However, there are always some new elements to enjoy and look out for.

Top features of Windows 10 for teachers and students

From the perspective of teachers and college students, here are the best features of Windows 10:

1. Web Notes

This is undoubtedly one of the most appealing features of the new version. The teachers and students can use several drawing tools to mark their favorite articles online or the searches that they do for college essays. There is a highlighter, a text tool, a screen clipper as well as an eraser in the drawing tools. Also, twelve colors are available to mark-up and write notes. Students can use it to highlight the examples they like from free essay samples online. There are plenty of college essay examples available on the web for students’ assistance. Their usage becomes more convenient with this tool. The best part is that the notes can be saved as Web Notes, on OneNote or in the Favorites Menu to use later.

2. Task View

Teachers and students often have multiple tasks or applications open at the same time for referring to different things for grading or assignment purposes. There is a new feature in Windows 10 called Task View, which allows you to view all windows that you have open so that you can quickly switch to the one required. Here’s how to activate the feature:

·       Windows key+ Tab must be pressed simultaneously

·       On a touch-screen type device, you can simply swipe in from the left-hand side of the screen

·       The icon saying ‘Task View’ at the bottom must be pressed

To use a single screen, you can just click onto the application you wish to view, and it becomes full-screen for the ease of use. To give an example, students might find it very helpful while working on a college essay as they can have their web searches, an online checker as well as some essay examples open at the same time. Switching through them will make it more convenient.

3. Cortana

This is another best Windows 10 features that are highly appreciated by all. Cortana is a virtual assistant that is easily compatible with Google Now as well as Siri. One can access Cortana from the bottom-left corner of the screen or by pressing Windows+ S. Or, another exciting feature to launch Cortana is by speaking “Hey Cortana” if you have enabled this command in the settings on the device. It doesn’t just help you access the files and applications on the device but is well-connected with other applications such as Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 browser too. Thus, Cortana can be of great help for research purposes for college essays and topic examples that one might be looking for.

4. Reading View

Reading View is definitely a beneficial feature for the teachers as well as students. Offered by Microsoft Edge, this feature allows you to clean everything up for you! That is no sidebars, no advertisements or any other distracting elements on the screen. Basically, it enables you to view only the text of the essay or the examples of the topics. Teachers find this tool to be helpful as they can demonstrate data on a big screen easily, therefore, helping students learn with the text information displayed on the screen.

All in all, it should be mentioned that Windows 10 features have certainly made teachers and students’ lives more convenient and attractive. They have significantly helped all the participants of the educational process to use their devices with great ease as well as enjoy their academic progress.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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