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Technology is something that can’t be escaped nowadays. You need it for several purposes which range from completing work-related tasks to entertainment. However, it’s important that you find a balance as technology can be consuming and take away from face-to-face social interaction which is important too. The question then becomes, how do you find a balance when it comes to technology and ensure you’re being more intentional than you are reactive? It usually has a lot to do with being both mindful and self-conscious as you go about your day. Keep reading to see how you can go about balancing tech and everyday life.

Use Up-to-Date Devices

Keeping your tech and devices up-to-date is the first tip for striking a balance. When you use up-to-date tech, it’s more likely to function as it should and speed things up as opposed to slowing you down. This could mean ensuring regular software updates so that you get the most out of work tools or replacing an old PC that keeps hanging. When your tech is running efficiently, you’re more likely to save time and boost productivity too. Be sure that when updating any type of device, you back it up first.

Monitor Your Productivity

For some people, one of the biggest challenges they have with tech is ensuring they’re productive while using it. How productive you are is heavily dependent on what you’re using the technology for. For instance, a mobile phone is used for communication but can also be used to help organize your daily life. To ensure technology is more useful than it is distracting, use the most beneficial features to make your days run more smoothly.

Apps: The use of applications is a great way to use technology for productivity. Some of the best productivity apps for 2019 are said to be Asana for collaboration, Trello for work management or Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for editing documents and creating presentations.

Alarms: Setting an alarm on your phone can be a life-saver when it comes to waking you up in the morning, and setting reminders about upcoming events. Use an alarm for anything you need to remember as you’re likely to check your phone or digital calendar throughout the day.

Tools: It is imperative that you make use of the many tools out there. This could be one to schedule social media posts or a tool to help automate some of your daily tasks. By using such tools, you’re more likely to find that you’re using technology as opposed to it consuming you.

Set Aside Time for Entertainment

If you enjoy playing games then you can set aside certain times in the day to play. For instance, you could play slots during your lunch break or when you’re unwinding in the evening. If you’re a first timer looking to learn more about how to play slots alongside other online casino games, you may find this slots blog article useful.

So that you aren’t spending endless hours using technology instead of being productive, slotting in time for entertainment could help significantly.

Know When to Shut Off

As mentioned above, interacting and socializing face to face is important. However, when you’re glued to screens all day it’s difficult to do. Know when it’s time to shut off and take some time out for you. Turning off technology can be great for your mental wellbeing, so it’s certainly something to consider doing every so often.


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