What Is IDP.generic Virus Tag?

Most antivirus software products have specialized tags, often referred to as virus tags, to identify virus types. Though these tags rarely appear to be a false positive, a few of them have a part in blacklisting the genuine programs or files. IDP.generic virus tag is one of them and the concern is, whether it is a false flag or not.

What is IDP.generic virus tag?

The IDP.generic virus tag is a sort of computed detection that indicates any unusual behavior in the file system detected by the antivirus program. IDP.generic virus is originally a data stealing or data encroaching malware. The problem is, it is an expert in coming over as a false positive and it is a huge task to know if the file marked with the IDP.generic tag is truly safe or not. 

Well, there are certain approaches to know and mark your safety. You can take the help of the following methods to identify the safety of a file marked with the IDP.generic virus tag.

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Use VirusTotal to verify the file

The tool, VirusTotal is a great tool that can be incorporated into the verification of the file or any website. The good thing is, it is a free tool as well. There are certain steps you need to follow to check if the file marked with the virus tag in your device is a false positive or not. 

  1. Right click on the file in the quarantine section of the antivirus software you are using.
  2. Search and choose the option that takes you to the supposedly infected file location
  3. Upload the potentially infected file in question
  4. Now the VirusTotal tool will check the file and generate a report if the file is safe or not.

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Scan your device using a different antivirus software

Owing to the cyber world being full of threats antivirus software is becoming stricter and overprotective with every phase of development and that gives way to a lot of false positive. In this case, you can switch to different antivirus software to check for the false flag. It will help you to a great extent as it ensures double-checking which in fact is a good way to scan your file. You can use free Windows Defender software for double-checking your files.

Use a file Unlocker tool

Sometimes you get a file that is locked and with that, it won’t allow you to delete it directly. For this, you will need an unlocker tool.

These are the few ways to know the false positives for the IDP.generic virus tag and how to remove it. Sometimes, you just might think of it as a false positive, but ignoring it always is not the correct way to deal with anything that comes under the umbrella term “virus”. You should always double-check, make use of the correct tools, and go ahead with any kind of implementation.


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