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DISM is the acronym for Deployment Image Servicing And Management. DISM is actually a command line tool for Windows operating system which is capable of servicing and managing Windows image files. DISM has a set of commands which are run to mount and extract information about Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs) and Windows Image Files. If you do not have any idea on Windows Image Files or Windows Image Formats, then let me tell you in a line or two. Windows Imaging Formats are file based disk image formats. Windows image files consist of a set of files and the metadata of these files. The files are actually a reflection of the Windows Disk. Always remember one thing. Windows Image Format of WIM is file based. The main differentiating factor with ISO file is this only. ISO is sector based, whereas WIM is file based.

The functions of DISM are as follows:

  • The function of DISM is to configure, install Windows features, Windows packages, drivers, settings using DISM commands and are stored in WIM or VHD files. DISM commands are used on offline Windows Images but there are subsets of these commands which can be applied on a running operating system.
  • DISM is distributed with Windows ADK and is capable of replacing other deployment tools like PEing, Intlcfg, ImageX and Package Manager.
  • There are two types of DISM. One is capable of managing data or information in Windows Image. It can calculate the components, and evaluate the updates, drivers, apps, etc in an image, adding or deleting images within .wim file. The second type is the one which is capable of servicing and configuring itself. It can add, remove drivers, driver packages, language packages. Other functions include enabling and disabling Windows features, and upgrading to a higher edition of Windows operating system.

According to Microsoft,

DISM in Windows 10

DISM comes with Windows 10, in the c:\windows\system32 folder, but you can run DISM in the command prompt from any location. You have to be running from a Command Prompt as administrator to use use DISM.


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