Microsoft keeps on including new features every now and then to its Skype application. Skype is an extremely popular messenger application, that not only serves as a personal audio video conference app, but also an exceptionally efficient business app. With the release of Skype v8, users were not quite impressed with the new version.

Now, the Skype application has received a number of improvements, out of which one is the ability to mute people while on a Skype call. For that, a new mute button will be there on both calls, which will allow users to mute specific people and one on one Skype calls. Previously, when you were on a call, the incoming of another video or audio call could not be muted. Now it can be done, and this solution is quite a welcoming change because we do not want to get distracted by something else when you are amid an important Skype call. So, now you can disable an incoming video call while you are in the middle of an important call.

Regarding other important features, you can view Profile during calls. For example, you are talking to a person over Skype and you want to check the profile of that person during the call, you can do it easily with the help of the View Profile option.

Right now, both these features are available to the Skype Insiders. Desktop users will be able to get them to Skype version Users using UWP Skype app will get all the new features in version


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