iOS is the most stable and secured mobile operating system among all the available mobile operating systems. Yet, iOS devices also face deleterious situations which refrain the device from functioning normally. There is a wide range of iOS performance crisis scenarios. For example, the iOS device stops charging, iOS fails to update, fails to connect to iTunes. Some other types of problems include Apple devices stuck in the white Apple icon, or black screen or stuck in DFU mode. Sometimes, the iOS device keeps on restarting in a loop. There are several other technical issues that may be encountered by an iOS user. How to solve these issues? Nowadays, there are efficient and versatile third-party application which can readily solve these issues. One of them is the Joyoshare Ultfix Recovery software. This software helps an iOS user to fix iPhone black screen, Apple device stuck in DFU mode, white Apple logo, and more than 30 types of data loss situations. Apple In this article, we shall review the software and list down the features offered by the software application.

Salient Features Of Joyoshare Ultfix Recovery Software

  • The Joyoshare Ultfix software can fix more than 30 types of iOS issues.
  • Joyoshare Ultfix can operate in two different modes, such as the Standard Mode and the Advanced mode. The Standard mode recovers files and folders without any data loss, whereas the advanced mode take refuge to factory reset. This mode is used as the last resort. For example, you have forgotten the PIN of your iOS device. Then, unlocking the device will involve removing each and everything from the device, that is factory reset.
  • The software application facilitates loss less recovery, that is, no data will be lost during the recovery process excepting some recovery cases, mentioned before.
  • The recovery process incorporated in the software is simple, robust and platform friendly. Users do not have to hover cluelessly through the software. The recovery steps are well defined and goal oriented.
  • There is a free recovery mode in the software application where the users, both registered and unregistered, can make their devices enter into recovery mode automatically with the help of the software.
  • Joyoshare Ultfix is compatible with any iOS version, from the old ones to the latest iOS 12 version.
  • It is also compatible to a plethora of iOS devices such as Phone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and almost all models of iPad and iPods.
  • One thing, that you must keep in mind, is that the software application cannot fix devices with crashed or physically damaged hardware.
  • However, it will update the handset to the latest iOS version, will convert a jailbroken device to a non jail broken version, that is, just the way the device was there before jailbreak. If the device was unlocked before for some reason, it will be locked once again.

Steps To Recover iOS device From Recovery Issues With The Help Of Joyoshare Ultfix Recovery Software

1, First of all, download the Joyoshare Ultfix application for Windows operating system. Install the application and follow the simple steps provided to finally launch the application. Make sure to plug in the iOS device before proceeding. Enter the device mode name.


2. Next, choose a repair mode, based on your preferences, the no data loss Standard mode or the erase all Advanced mode. Click Next to continue.

standard mode

3. As mentioned in the properties above, the software facilitates the device to either enter into recovery mode automatically with a single click or reboot the messed-up device back to normal. Based on your situation, select any one among Enter Recovery Mode or Exit Recovery Mode.

4. Next step is to download the firmware package by selecting the device details minutely and then hitting the Download button.

5. Finally, click on the Repair button.

6. The software will be unpacked, and the fixing of bugs will initiate. Once, the repair is complete, you need to check if the device is booting correctly. It is always recommended that you start with the Standard mode and then try out the Advanced mode in case the former mode fails.

ultfix recovery


Joyoshare Ultfix is indeed an ultimate fix and recovery application for Windows which can flawlessly and quickly resolve all iOS related bugs and issues. The UI is extremely well crafted, and the application is designed so well, that there is absolutely no lag. We recommend users to give it a try.


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