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Microsoft has suddenly made its Calculator App for Windows 10 available to GitHub. With this, it was quite expected that something new must be there for which Microsoft wanted to interact with developers. The new Windows 10 Calculator app has incorporated a new feature of graphs. The new feature will provide mathematical graph solutions. Microsoft submitted the app to GitHub for receiving feedback from developers, so that the app can be updated further.

If the feature materializes and finally makes it to the final version, then it will be a great help for teachers and students who work with graphs. The calculator app for Windows 10 has always been a simple app with modest functions., With the addition of the graphing mode, the app will get a massive makeover.

Microsoft engineer Dave Grochoki mentions that graphing tools are extremely useful for algebra students in high school as well as students who are in the research field. The graphing mode will make the learning process very easy and interesting.  

The main features of the graphing mode of the app are as follows:

  • Provide a great baseline graphing calculator experience in Windows Calculator
  • Support all US common core math curriculum, including:
  • Ability to build and interpret functions
  • Understand linear, quadratic, and exponential models
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Reason with equations and inequalities

Right now, we do not know when the feature will come to users, but very soon Windows Insiders will get access to this feature.


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