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Web hosting and web development are compatible with any platform like Windows, Linux and Mac. Every platform has its share of positive and negative aspects. Before making any decision, you must consider several factors like coding, scripting, fast loading, reliability, flexibility, etc. The web hosting team is always divided into groups based on their preferences of platform operating system. Our ambition during web development and hosting should always be producing a fast, secured and flawlessly operating website. If you are an individual web developer who wants to develop her own website, or you a person who wants to take the help of a web development company to build a website for her, there are certain points you must take care of. If you are confused whether you want to host your website in Windows platform or Linux platform, you must refer to this article.

Basic Code is Platform Independent

Coding is the pillar of developing any website. The basic code is extremely important, and it is always platform independent. So, no matter which platform you are deploying for developing and hosting your website, a bug free coding is always desirable. Now, coming to the point of platform independence, there are some misconceptions that keep on brewing among new developers from time to time. Some people will tell you, if you are creating web pages using Microsoft Front Page, then your web server must be hosted on Windows platform. This is a completely wrong conception. Unix has extensive support for FrontPage extensions and hence, it doesn’t make any difference which editor or which development suite you are using. The deciding factors are back end processes and compatibility of applications with the web server.

Custom Scripts Must Be In Sync With The Server

Custom Scripts are those software programs, that inculcate interactive features on your websites. Some websites are so basic that they just need basic HTML. But nowadays, most websites are complex and feature rich. There are social networking websites, or online retail websites or discussion blogs where we need multiple interactive features like chatting, commenting, scrolling through galleries, providing reviews on products, etc. These types of interactive websites must need custom scripts.  In this case, you need to check if the custom script you are using is compatible with your server. For example, Unix servers support CGI, Perl, PHP whereas Windows server support ASP, VBscript, etc.

Hassle Free, Reliable And Secured Web Hosting

In terms of performance and speed, Unix and Windows web hosting are efficient, robust and flexible. If you are quite aware of your requirements, and the applications you need, you can choose either Windows or Linux. You won’t experience any advantage using one over the other, but the constraint comes into play when you plan to shift your hosting from one platform to the other. Migrating from Linux to Windows is very easy, but the reverse is not so smooth as you are expecting. Hence, it is always advisable that you scrutinize the vital factors of website hosting like simplicity, versatility, reliability and security. Once, you are sure of what you want, you can choose between Unix and Windows very easily.

Versatile Content And Feature Apps

There are certain applications that are supported seamlessly on both Windows and Linux servers, like MP3, Flash, Shockwave, Real Audio/Video. And then there are some applications which are platform dependent. Database applications are always platform dependent. Before building a website, it is expected that you are well accustomed to the type of service and features your website will be delivering. Based on that, you can decide which platform would be suitable for hosting your website.

These are the 5 points, which you must keep in mind before building your website. Research, read and learn extensively as experience and knowledge matter, while delving into any project. Hope this article has helped you in getting a basic idea about the Dos and Donts before choosing a web hosting server


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