A wireless presenter is the developed sequel of laser pointers. They are tiny handheld devices that run on batteries, producing a green light beam. When laser pointers were invented, they were extremely useful in the field of astronomy; they were used to point out celestial objects, stars, and constellations. Later, some manufacturers lowered the laser light power and started selling them everywhere.

From that point on, professionals and college students were far more interested in this tool, because of its practicality in presentations and teaching slides. For that reason, a myriad of manufacturers have been working on developing this product more often to meet customer needs. 

Today, it is called a wireless presenter. There are now a plethora of brands with various integrated functions. While purchasing one can be overwhelming, it’s advisable to read more on customer reviews and brand overviews to help you decide on which kind would best fit your usage. An educated choice will definitely be worth every penny.

Here is an overview on the integrated functions you will find:

Connectivity and Features

Not only did the device’s name change over time, but also its functionality was enhanced to facilitate the presenter’s experience. The new wireless presenter can connect to a computer via switching on your computer’s Bluetooth or simply using a USB cable. Most of them will work with various presentation programs such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, and they are, most importantly, compatible with all operating systems. Their operating range can go up to 98 feet, which helps the user to move and present freely around any space.


The best devices have an app that can help you track battery life and customize button functions. More advanced wireless presenters have dual functionality; they can be used as a mouse too. The cursor can do all the functions of a simple click, so you can click on web links, start and stop videos or audio files, and zoom in or out.


Wireless presenter’s aesthetics were not forgotten. Some brands have managed to create sleek designs without cutting any usability. The colors available are endless, ranging from white, gold, black, etc. with stunning finishes: black matt, rose gold steel, or just black plastic. 


Laser pointers can cause mild symptoms if they are directly pointed at a person’s eyes. The most known symptom is flash blindness, which is just the eye’s reaction to the sudden and strong light, similar to looking at the sun. However, they can cause retinal damage permanently; this is why wireless presenter light power is mostly restricted to 5 mW, to avoid causing any permanent damage to the human eye. 

Whether you are in the corporate world or just a student, such a device will definitely make your life easier when presenting to your boss, professor, or class. It will keep you focused on your work and give you the opportunity to move freely away from screen to better engage with your audience. You can choose from a basic wireless presenter to the most advanced one; all are available in the market with reasonable prices. 



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