Windows offers a rich repertoire of tools for parents to perform such tasks as tracking their children, assisting with homework, and other parental duties. The insecurity and unpredictability of the internet mean that parents must arm themselves with some of these tools. The tools also make it easy for parents to find credible assignment help for their children in different grades. 

Windows tools can be installed on multiple gadgets, including tablets and Smartphones. The choice of a windows tool for parents will depend on the function that a parent needs assistance with. Here are some of the best and fundamental tools for each parent to have on his or her phone. 

K9 Web Protection

Are you worried about the pages or information that your child will get online? Do you wish to control this information as well as monitor the pages the child is visiting online? K9 Web Protection, too, should be your mandatory companion. It provides information on all the website’s access, the activities on these websites, and data that can help you protect the child from unsafe sites. 

You can monitor real-time visits by the child. It also gives you the location of your child in real-time. The parent can set the amount of time the child will be online or visiting a particular website. This gives you the best control you can desire as a parent. This is one of the most reliable parental control apps. Installation is also error-free. This makes it easy to run the app on your phone or other devices. However, it is impossible to block some of the browsers and websites, though most of these sites are run by credible brands. 

Xplora 2

The app is a great choice whenever you are tracking activities by your child publicly or privately. The device will work best on young children who are not too conscious about fashion. The physical device comes in the form of a wristwatch that does not require a SIM card. You will not be required to pay a monthly subscription for the device or app. It is the best child tracking gadget because it gives you a signal in case the child leaves a particular set area. 

Social Shield

This is an app for parents who are concerned about the activity of their children on social platforms. The app is easy to download and will work seamlessly on all gadgets. It allows you to track access to social media platforms and will update you remotely about the activities of your subject of interest. This is the best protection you can provide to your child against cyberbullying. While you monitor the activities of your child online, it is impossible to control the pages or actions taken on the phone. 


It is not always enough to know where your child is at a particular time. It is necessary to gather data on where the child has been visiting all day. FamiSafe allows you to set a geographical boundary such that you get an alert immediately the child leaves the area. The app provides other safety features bases on personal preferences. 

Oxford Dictionary App

Children believe that their parents are superheroes. You will, therefore, be required to assist with assignments and essays. The Oxford Dictionary App helps you to demonstrate knowledge of vocabulary that will help during your assignments. You will never have to guess second your ability to handle any language-based assignment for your child. 

Windows has thousands of apps that would make the life of a parent easier. You should choose an app based on the features and its ability to make your life easier. Whether it is free or you have to pay, the decision will depend on your needs. 



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