Microsoft Officially Ends Support For Windows 10 Mobile

Today is the official end of Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft had announced long back, that they won’t be continuing updates for the same any longer. Today it is official. Windows 10 Mobile had a kickstart, and emerged as a promising mobile operating system with Cortana and several interesting concepts.

Finally, it could not survive time, as it failed to impress people. The operating system tried a new concept of user interface, apps and everything else. But, users who are already comfortable with iOS and Android, did not want to adapt to the new things, provided, it did not have much to offer.

As Microsoft announced, the Windows 10 Mobile operating system will not receive any more security update. In addition, backend services will also end over time.

Check out the FAQ page of Microsoft, where the company has answered to mane obvious questions, like, what end of support means and what Windows 10 Mobile users can do. The Redmond based tech giant has finally decided to move on!


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