It has been a long time that Windows Phone users are craving for VLC for Windows Phone. While most other platforms has VLC media app for their respective OS, Windows Phone is still deprived of it. But now the good news is this leaked video which shows a VLC media player support for Windows Phone 8.1. Thomas Nigro who is a member of the working team of VLC for Windows Phone gave a faint hint that they a planning for a release before the end of this month. So we can guess what it is.

VLC for Windows Phone is coming soon, leaked video shows

Thomas tweeted that, “What I can say without any doubt is before the end of the month is a good shot but in my dreams it would be next week. Just a dream”. So there is an extremely high probability of VLC coming to Windows Phone users. The video shows up a Windows Phone 8.1 Nokia device running videos with VLC media players. But the video that is being leaked is definitely showing the beta builds. So the overall features and UI might change before the app is released officially. let’s wait and watch. You can check out the video too.


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