After addition of Cortana and a comeback of the Start menu in Threshold in Windows 9, another striking feature in the operating system is the virtual desktop feature. This news was confirmed after a video demonstrating Windows 9 features was leaked. This feature comes from the 9834 build which is way ahead of the technical preview version coming at the end of this month. Since it is at a very early stage therefore the features of the virtual desktop is very elementary and many additions to it are yet to be done in the consecutive builds to be done before the preview version can be released.

The idea of the virtual desktop is to allow more than one desktop with different windows in a single instance. There is also a provision to add multiple desktops but the limit as to how many desktops can be added is yet unknown. Users can also create new virtual desktop and can easily remove them by clicking ‘+’ and ‘X’ respectively.

This feature will be immensely appealing to those working on multiple applications in a single instance and also the different desktops could be categorized according to the apps open. This would help in organizing desktops. According to their need users can open as many apps as they want and whenever they want to switch between apps a click on the multi-desktop icon in the taskbar will do the needful. However if a particular app already is open in a desktop, another instance of the same app cannot be opened in a different desktop and it will direct the user to that desktop running that app.

Though there is still a lot of bug in this feature in the 9834 build, it is expected that it would get resolved soon much before the release of the preview version.

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