As the release of the beta version of Windows Threshold or Windows 9 is nearing, more screenshot and specification leaks are doing rounds in the internet. So every such leak is very important on our part as they will reveal a great deal of what is in the upcoming operating system from Microsoft. Along with bringing the Start menu back in Windows 9 there have been evidences of Cortana being present in the latest version.

Storage Sense may be renamed to Disk Space in Windows 9

Another relevant change witnessed was that addition of a new virtual desktop feature and that change was done in the PC settings, the newer version of Control Panel. Among other additions is ‘Storage Sense’ which is a feature in the Windows Phone 8.1 update which lets you manage storing of data on your phone. This option appears in the list of accessible settings below ‘Update and Recovery’.

The users who are using Windows 8.1 on their Windows phone already, are very much aware of this feature. Through this you can easily see what is filling up your storage space and free up some space accordingly to make room for new apps or games. However the usage will be quite limited in Windows 9 than in the phone.

Some are also of the opinion that during the release of Windows 9 full version next year Microsoft may rename ‘Storage Sense’ to ‘Disk Space’ keeping intact the same functionality. It is good to see that how Microsoft is adding the concept of storage management in its OS that might be of help to laptops or desktops with low HDD configuration.


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