Now most of the users who are a bit tech savvy knows what cloud computing is and uses one or more of cloud services. With numerous cloud storage solutions available it’s a bit confusing to remember which document is in which cloud. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can concatenate the services through a single gateway? The solution is the new official Otixo ( app for Windows Phone comes into play. So a single way to all clouds. Otixo helps you to login through a single account and access all documents and files safe and sound.

Unite all your cloud storage services with Otixo for Windows Phone

Follwing list gives you the cloud services that supports Otixo:

1. Dropbox
2. Google Drive
3. OneDrive
4. Facebook
5. SugarSync
6. Picasa
7. WebDAV
8. FTP
9. Cubby
10. Huddle
11. Alfresco
12. Amazon S3
13. OwnCloud
14. Dump Truck
15. FilesAnywhere
16. CloudMe
17. UbuntuOne
18. Yandex
19. MyDrive
20. OnlineFileFolders
21. GoDaddy Online
22. Strato
23. 4Shared
24. Digital Bucket
25. Cubby
26. GMX.DE
27. WEB.DE
28. CloudSafe
29. HiDrive
30. Deutsche Telekom Media Center
31. Bitcasa

Otixo accesses many online services with a single username and password. You can search for a particular file in need just with a single step and preview them before sharing with friends. Moreover copy and Move files from one service to another without downloading to your computer by drag and drop technique. Otixo is available for all major platforms. Copy and paste, move from one cloud to another, share with friends and acquaintances and upload files.


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