According to the recent announcements, Uber had planned to bring integration for its ride sharing service direct to Outlook, and they will do this through the new third party app support just announced by Microsoft at the recently wrapped up Building 2015 conference. With a simple idea the app is designed in the same way you might set a time reminder for an event, this add-in will allow you to set Uber ride reminders for Calendar events.

Uber Service to outlook along with deeper Cortana integration

According to their blog:

With the Uber add-in for Outlook, you can set an Uber ride reminder for any calendar event with a single tap. When it’s time to leave for your next event, Uber will send you a notification. Swipe on the notification to jump to the Uber app with the designation already set, and simply confirm your request. Whether you have an upcoming dinner reservation, doctor’s appointment, or flight, Uber an Outlook will help get you there on time.

With an extra add-on, Uber introduced deeper Cortana integration via a new add-in that will be coming this Summer. Instead of the previous process where you could only use your voice to request a Uber car with Cortana, now with the update Uber will recognize events in your calendar and provide an option to call a car to your current location right before it is time to leave.

It actually explains the tight app integration Microsoft has been talking about at Build. The app Cortana is smart enough to know where you are and where you need to be. She can then relay this information to Uber that can help get you there.

These are just two more implementations of add-ins for Outlook and Cortana. As Windows 10 gets closer to release, there will be more implementations. Here’s check out the Uber’s video detailing the Outlook add-in feature below.


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