If you want to increase the music listening experience in Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 then there’s a new product manufactured by Kickstarter that is going to enhance your listening experience a bit more. The device that would play the medium is called ears. Now let’s get a more vivid description in the next few lines./p

Turn up the volume to eleven with Ears for Surface

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 is great when internal hardware specifications and software compatibility is concerned. Moreover now it can be couple with a pair of ears that will increase the loudness of the music or sound by 10dB. Ears come as a small pieces of silicon clip that can be fitted to the corners of the Surface and works by focusing and directing the sound intensity to one direction that is towards the user. So as a result sound is amplified and intensified. In general the sound is directed uniformly all around the speakers but Ears will act like a directional device. Right now the pricing of $5 to get a paid on Kickstarter has sold out. The price will increase afterwards.

Ears are right now only compatible with the above mentioned two devices and come in a variety of colors like cyan, magenta, orange, white, purple, black and green to match the colors of your cover.


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