The last moment polishing of Windows 10 is going on full fledged. Microsoft is vigorously working on improving the stability of the operating system.

The company is fixing up all the loopholes and the video linked with this article will give you a brief overview of the upcoming features. The security and stability features are the many minor changes that are being incorporated to refine Windows 10 further.

The new features cover Fort Knox feature in Windows 10 Defender, Smartscreen, Microsoft’s built-in solution to protect users from accessing malicious websites, mirroring the function of browser extensions used by antivirus software and many more.

Next comes the big update- Windows Hello. Windows Hello aims to create an authentication platform for the future well in advanced. The security parameters which may be incorporated in the near future are fingerprint, facial and even iris scanning. So these authentication are not only axcurate but also stronger and less susceptible to theft. Reports say that Intel has already provided a list of devices that to support Windows Hello also. The two upcoming Windows Phones- Windows Talkman amd Cityman are rumored to have iris scanner.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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