Love and loneliness can take a person to a desperate level. This is clear from the alarming rate of increase of scams in dating sites. Online dating sites are now blooming like wild grass. It’s true that lonely people often find solace in these online dating websites. Some hackers and scamsters use this platform to con people and snatch money from them. In some cases, users directly loot money from others while others use bot to deceive users. For example, Tinder is now the most popular among dating websites. Millions of people are finding their love in Tinder but do you know that most of the atrocious buncos happen in Tinder. The extent of plagiarism is such that the issue is not resolved even if you delete your delete your Tinder account.



There are many ways by which you can identify if a person on a dating site is genuine of fake. Here we shall describe some ways by which you can identify a scamster on dating sites.

  1. Try to figure out the age of the user in comparison to yourself. Usually scammers target older people. They assume that a person who is aged 50-60 years and has enrolled in dating websites has loneliness to the lvel of desperation. Hence, such people are vulnerable and can be easily trapped. It’s also obvious that users btween the said age group are financially established.
  2. Look for the following descriptions- self employed, a professional working overseas, widow or widower, the place of residence.
  3. Check out the photo  of the person. Save it in your computer and cross check it using google images.
  4. If the person you are dating has escalated his/her feelings very quickly, then something is definitely fishy. For example, the person is telling you “I love you. I am missing you. I can’t wait to see you love. Right now I am running short of cash. Can you book me a flight ticket? I will return as soon as I come to your place.” Beware of messages like these. These messages are often automated. Beware.
  5. Continuous pressure for marriage and extortion of money.

If you are facing such threats on Tinder, then you have two options- either deactivate the account or delete it. Deactivating your Tinder account is actually an easy task. But to get rid of such scams, you have to  delete the Tinder account forever,. Here’s how:


1.Open the app and tap on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.

2.Tap on “Settings” and scroll down till you reach the end.

3.Click “Delete account”.

4. When you tap on the“Delete account”, you will be asked why you are doing this. Give the appropriate response. Again click on “Delete my account” . That’s all!


Happiness is that best therapy. Use it to heal yourself and then others!


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