Samsung announced the new Samsung Notebook 9 Pro with Windows 10 Home. The device will be coming with a S Pen, the quintessential touch sensitive pen of Note devices. The convertible phablet comes with exciting features. The device has two variants with two different screen size 13.3 inch screen and 15 inch screen. The devices which are currently on sale do not have all the features that are offered by Notebook 9 Pro. It is powered by a 4K display and quad-core processor with a powerful form factor.

notebook 9

Both the variants, mentioned above will sport a seventh-generation Intel Core i7-7500U chip (dual-core), a 1080p display. Now, talking about memory, the device has a hard disk of capacity 256GB and 2 GB RAM. For the 13 inch variant, the Graphics will be Intel HD Graphics 620 whereas for the 15 inch model, you will get AMD Radeon 540 .

The most promising feature of the Notebook 9 Pro is definitely the super cool S-Pen. According to Samsung, the S-Pen with 0.7mm tip “can detect more than 4,000 levels of pressure”. It’d expected that the S-pen can detect 2096 levels of pressure. It also comes with Air Command, which “lets you take notes, edit documents, and draw.” Samsung also revelaed that the powerful and enigmatic S Pen “always stays on” and doesn’t require charging. This is because Samsung uses Wacom technology in its pens, so it doesn’t need a battery.

The S-Pen is innate in the Notebook 9 Pro. If you check the image above, the S-Pen is stored inside of the device instead of the magnetic solution. So the pen is always safe. While it’s a great idea to many users, the narrow pen width is disappointing many other users. One thing to remember here, the Notebook Pro comes with Windows 10 Home version. Even though the device name has “Pro” in it, don’t think you’ll get Windows 10 Pro. However, the 13.3-inch model comes with 8GB RAM, while the 15-inch device has 16GB.


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