Microsoft has officially announced Windows Phone 8.1 and since then Windows lovers are awaiting its advent. Windows Phone 8.1 is still on the process of improvisations and updates. Today only in a BUILD conference, Microsoft unveiled some new improved features like the Start Screen back up and restoration. In the desktop or PC version of Windows 8.1 this feature is already there, but it is a new addition in the Windows Phone family, that is, no previous version had this facility.

Start screen backup and restoration to be included in Windows Phone 8.1

Previously arranging, re-sizing and re-positioning tiles in a Start screen is a matter of hazard if you have restored or upgraded your Operating System but now you don’t need to take much headache. The new facility will make sure that every tile is restored protecting the images on the tiles. So among many updates that we heard about Windows Phone 8.1, this one is surely a much desired feature come into reality.

Microsoft is on the process of making improvements to make the platform work flawlessly in Windows Phone 8.1. The final build will be made available to manufacturers and other Windows Phone partners on April 14, 2014. Users on the Developer Preview program can update this within short time.


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