Spartan Web Browser is now including an advanced Download Manager with it. Windows 10 is slowly incorporating the new browsing experience with the Spartan Browser. the Spartan Web Browser, as we know, is going to be the future generation browser, as claimed by Microsoft. The Spartan Browser will focus more on emerging as a personalized web browser with interactive user interface where users can actually draw, make comments and then share it with their friends via social networking media.

Spartan browser receives a new Download Manager

Microsoft, this time, is very prompt and active on delivering the updates to the users as and when required. But a new Build 10051 has been leaked in the internet. The Build being highly unstable, is generally not recommended to download. But the build shows some of the upcoming features which are indeed useful and one of them is the Spartan Browser Download Manager. This feature was not found in Build 10049 but came up with the leaked version of 10051 Other than this, the Spartan Browser, as studied in Build 10051, Some additional menu and few other IE integration have been included.


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