The month of February is here and you must be aware that this month is the month of Love. We have marked so many days to celebrate love and the most important among them is Valentine’s Day. This very day has gained so much popularity nowadays, that big business titans to small shops, everyone is keen in boosting their business on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Redmond based tech giant Microsoft has announced today that they are incorporating many fun new features for V Day.


The company has collaborated with Rogue Octopus in order to integrate new emojis. Rogue Octopus is a company that works with nacent artists, to bring new Mojis, which are short video clips that you can message to people on the service. According to the Redmond based tech giant, “Each Moji follows our two characters through different stages of love and is accompanied by an existing track from one of Rogue Octopus’s talent artists.” In order to find them out, just click on the red heart in the picker, although they haven’t rolled out to everyone just yet.

The company has rolled out several interesting and intriguing Valentine’s Day-themed emoticons. For example, a cactus is holding a heart shaped balloon and the balloon is petrified at the thorns of the cactus. Again the most heartbreaking moment is that when two…entities cannot touch. There is a plethora of new interesting features like. Virtual Valentine messages. These virtual messages will allow you to record a video message with floating hearts, similar to the holiday-themed one from back in December.

Virtual Valentine messages are coming soon, and the new Mojis and emoticons has already rolled out. To avail this interesting features, you should have latest version on “Windows desktop, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android.”


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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