Skype is the most popular web conferencing app around the globe. You can be anywhere but Skype will connect you with your loved ones all you needed to do is download and install an application. The Skype applications are available in every OS platforms but as mentioned before an app is there which csn be a restriction sometimes. Sometimes, you app does not work properly, it doesn’t launch properly or it stops suddenly.

Skype for Web Beta is now open

In that case, Skype for Web comes as a rescue. The web version is just like another website where you need to sign in with your Skype credentials. However, the Skype for Web has almost all the features that are provided in the app version. The Beta Web version is now open. As of now, only handful of locations have access to the beta version. You can check your location from here. If your location is compatible then you’ll be able to access it. Otherwise you’ll get a message that you’ll have to wait for sometime to get an invitation.

The features which are available right now are video calling feature, instant messaging and synchronizing contacts. Another feature which is very useful is the platform independence. This means the Beta version will run on any OS and on any device. The beta version also offer HD video calling and messaging without the need of any dedicated Skype app.


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