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At the Microsoft Build 2019 Conference held in the month of May, Microsoft announced a new Internet Explorer mode in its new Chromium Based Edge Browser. With this new IE mode, you could open Internet Explorer but only in a new tab in the Chromium Edge browser. Just before Microsoft’s Inspire partner conference, Microsoft finally launched the feature.

To enable the Internet Explorer for the Chromium based Edge browser, you hve to enable a flag from the Settings. Before, enabling the flag would display a message which says “Show this page using Internet Explorer”. Microsoft has removed this option. So, now if you enable the flag to turn on IE for the Chromium based Edge, this message won’t display anymore.

Tech news channel Techdows have analyzed the reason for removing the message on the IE mode. It says, IE mode is meant to be an enterprise feature. The method to launch a site in the Internet Explorer mode in Edge was done for debugging purposes. So, it is the responsibility of the IT admins to track and control when a site will launch in the IE tab.

This is a very minor change and won’t affect the customers.


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