Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, the social media is flooded with rumors, misinformation, fraud and fake posts. As most countries have imposed lockdown restrictions on the citizens, people are engaged mostly in the internet during this quarantine phase. Consequently, internet, to be specific social media, has become a breeding ground for online scams, frauds, and cybersecurity threats. It is not difficult to differentiate a fake news from an authentic news, but the problem is most people are not aware of cyber security, ransomware, online scams and money laundering. In this article, I shall help you to figure out fake and fraud news and help you to use the internet more responsibly.

Beware Of: Trap Of Free Internet

Scams, Malwares, Hacking And Frauds In The Name Of COVID-19: How To Save Yourself

We all are in our homes due to coronavirus outbreak, either taken a break from work, or doing work-from-home. As a result, internet usage has suddenly spiked up. This is the best time for hackers and cyber criminals to attack netizens. Many of you must have received the above message on WhatsApp, Facebook or even Twitter. The message provides a lucrative offer of 50 GB or 100 GB high speed internet without any charge and provides a tiny URL at the end. If you click or tap on the URL, it will take you to a webpage. Next, a lot of things may happen. For example, the website may ask you to play some simple quiz games, which will either silently install a malware or adware on your device to extract personal and financial details from your smartphone. Or, it can ask you to login to their account using your Google or Facebook account, and enter all personal information and login credentials. DO NOT CLICK THE URL! There is a global crisis and even big companies are incurring huge loss due to the situation. No company can provide you free internet!

 Beware Of: Trap Of Fake Netflix Phising Scam!

Scams, Malwares, Hacking And Frauds In The Name Of COVID-19: How To Save Yourself

This is another similar scam people are falling prey of! You will receive a message mentioning any of the following two things: Click on the link below to watch all Netflix movies and web series for free, or some scamsters can ask for very little amount of subscription fee, which is much less compared to the actual subscription charge of Netflix. NO! No one else can help you watch Netflix for free, not even Netflix. To learn if the link is from Netflix, or Amazon Prime video or any such subscription, check their respective URL. Netflix URL Is always https://www.netflix.com/. If you are from a country other than USA, then your link may be like this https://www.netflix.com/in/

The fake malicious websites URLs look like this:




Beware Of: Malicious Coronavirus COVID:19 tracking websites

Since our eyes are always glued to the internet, especially on the COVID-19 news and updates, many fraud websites have been launched, which look like the authentic COVID-19 tracking websites. Keep yourself safe from the fake websites. If you want to get authentic information about COVID-19, check out the website of WHO and CDC.

Beware Of: COVID-19 Healthcare Scam, Medical Equipment Scam and Vaccine Scam

Scams, Malwares, Hacking And Frauds In The Name Of COVID-19: How To Save Yourself

Healthcare professionals are in huge pressure, constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills, while confronting the pandemic. Now, a new set of cybersecurity attacks have launched, which includes laundering money for selling of seminars and training courses. While most hospitals have updated and authentic guidelines from WHO and CDC, any individual healthcare professional may get trapped by attending fake seminars and training courses.

Many people are getting fooled and paying for buying test kits, vaccines, medicines, etc. Refrain from all these online hoodwinkers. FBI has also warned health care units about the rampant fraudulent sales of COVID-19 medical equipments.

That’s all for now. Stay safe inside your home. Enjoy surfing the internet, but as I mentioned before, use it responsibly!


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