It’s no secret that technology is getting more advanced with each passing day. The perfect example would be the Windows’ Hello – a feature that allows your computer to recognize you and address you by your name. All you have to do is sit in front of your computer. However, as amazing as it sounds, just like everything, it also has pros and cons.

One of the pros is definitely increased security – unless you have a twin who is 100% identical to you. Once the computer goes into hibernation mode, it will restart when you sit in front of it. So if someone wants to access it, they have to physically be with you. It also makes access to the computer a lot easier, as you don’t have to think about a long password that will be strong enough so that nobody will guess it.

Unfortunately, with the systems older than Windows 10, it doesn’t take that much to hack your computer. All it takes is a laser-printed photo of you taken with an infrared camera. With newer systems, it shouldn’t be a problem, as the computer creates a 3D scan of your face, which usually involves moving your head quite a bit.

Also, even though technically the feature is available to everyone, there is only a limited amount of computers that have a good enough camera for the feature to work without problems. Unfortunately, they are also very pricey.

Remember that no matter if you decide to use this feature or another to block the access to the home screen of your computer, this is just the beginning, as you also need to be protected while browsing the internet. To do that, you need a good VPN. You can check out, for example, the Nord VPN reviewed by VPNCompare.

How safe is it to unlock your screen by face recognition? 


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