What Is Web Design?

Web design is a branch of web development and a kind of design. Its tasks include the design of user web interfaces for websites or web applications. It is worth noting that this is not the creation of pictures and the development of the design of a website. The basic concept is in the design of web user interfaces. Website design plays a very important role. It plays a big role in creating the first impression of a visitor about the website. Modern web design is not only designing and creating the appearance of a website in a graphic version, but also its layout using HTML and CSS. Layout languages ​​are constantly being improved and developed. In this article, we will show what advantages web design brings for a business, how much it costs to hire a mobile web designer and other important details.

Why Mobile Website Design Matters in Business

For many designers, moving from a web to a mobile app design is a necessary step to survive in a competitive market. If responsive web design allows you to work with websites that are tailored to screens of various sizes, then native mobile applications are less flexible in this regard. When switching from web design to mobile app design, a professional website designer should take into account a variety of devices. You must be sure that the user interface design is adapted for screens of various resolutions and sizes.

Users are now interacting with websites and brands through mobile devices. A website should be responsive, and it’s not just about moving from desktops to mobile devices — your website should look great on many devices. No matter how functional it is, if the website is slow in the web version on a smartphone, a user will lose interest, and the business will lose a client. Mobile website design is a necessary and important part of the business that needs to be given special attention.

So why not make your mobile website mega convenient in this regard and not get a huge target audience of potential users, starting today? It is more convenient to create one layout for a website to be automatically displayed on a screen than spending many hours on working on different layouts for it (and who knows how many more there will be as the technology develops).

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Mobile Website Designer in 2020

The quality of the services provided by Ukrainian mobile web developers and secondly, the price of the service is attractive for clients all over the world. It is worth evaluating the salary level of web mobile developers in different countries. For you to note: the salary level of in-house and remote website designer does not really differ.

Ukraine – $5136

Germany – $38,985

The United Kingdom – $28,702

The US – $52,691

Poland – $7606

How Web Designers Can Speed Up Your Mobile Website

Web designers understand how important mobile page loading speed is. However, from the very beginning, their main goal has always been to create an attractive and effective design. What can web designers do for speeding up a mobile website except for using website designer softwares?

A web designer can speed up a mobile website in the following ways:

1. Storing fonts in CDN

Custom web fonts adversely affect the speed of loading web pages. One of the most popular Google fonts Open Sans loads the fastest.

There are several options for improving website speed with font optimization:

·     Use a web font and avoid problems associated with using external fonts

·     Use Google fonts hosted on the Google CDN

·     Download the Google font and download it to another CDN

Storing fonts and characters in the place where they will load faster will help increase the speed of the site.

2. No bulky design elements

Do not use ads on mobile pages. Advertising is provided by a third party. This increases the loading time of the page content. Besides, 26% of users use blockers, so they are unlikely to see ads on mobile pages.

It’s also best not to use bulky web forms. A long or multi-page form affects the download speed. Mobile forms should be as simple as possible and include only the most necessary.

Many websites generally refused to use contact forms. The tasks they face are easily handled by the FAQ section and the contact details section.

3. Creating a one-page website

Converting a multi-page website to a single-page one makes sense if the client’s needs satisfy certain criteria:

·     Business with a single focus

·     A site that does not require a large amount of content

·     Limited range of keywords to rank for

4. AMP application

Thanks to Google, there is another technology that improves website loading speed. AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages.

This framework can be used to develop entire websites or only parts of it (for example, blog posts). After the implementation of AMP pages is loaded directly from the search results.


A mobile web developer will increase the speed of your website by applying the tips. This will increase the level of satisfaction of users, and, therefore, will attract new clients to your business. The value of website speed for business plays a big role in profitability, especially in the context of mass digitalization and preferring to go online.



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