Windows 10 Video Editor - What's New?

Three words resonate with all PC users: Windows Movie Maker. We all remember this simple interface that allowed us to create videos with fun effects, colorful backgrounds, and funky fonts. After WMM was discontinued in 2017, Microsoft finally answered the users’ requests for a new and improved video editing program; this came with the latest Windows 10 software version under the name Video Editor. In case you’re reading about it for the first time, you’ll be pleased to know that it has integrated a number of features that have made video editing more convenient than ever. 

In the following guide, we’ll be looking at some of these new features in Video Editor, compliments of Windows 10.

First step: Access

For starters, the fastest way to open the Video Editor tool is with a simple search on your taskbar search box. Select the program, click or press Enter, and there you have it. Next, tap on New video – once you’ve named your new file, you’re ready to go!

Importing files made easier

Regardless of what kind of video project you’re working on, there is now a feature in Project library that allows you to import your media (videos, pictures) all at once. Especially if you’re editing a lot of material, this is much more convenient than using the Add button and importing each one individually. Once you’ve selected all your media from File explorer, you’re free to drag and drop them to your Storyboard and arrange them as you see fit. From there, you’ll be able to split videos, insert text, apply video effects, and more.

New title cards

Much like with a PowerPoint slide, title cards allow you to display written text on the whole screen for a chosen duration. You can also adjust the font and select the color of the background. This is especially handy for those interested in editing videos for YouTube or other vlogging channels. Finding a reliable URL dedicated to vloggers and video creators will really help equip you with the knowledge you need to create successful content for online audiences. Whether it’s a title, a quote, or bullet points, customization will go a long in bringing quality and personality to your videos.

Text styles and fonts

Speaking of, Video Editor has made a variety of new text styles and fonts available to help you get creative and adapt to the nature of your video. This applies to both in-video text and title cards. Depending on the purpose of your project (entertainment, informative), feel free to experiment with the different styles.

Arrange, Split, and Trim options

If you’ve imported a lengthy video that you only need a small section of, worry not; there are new features that allow you to shorten and split your videos on the Storyboard. To use them, simply select the media in question and click on the Split or Trim button. Adjust, press done, and the changes will automatically be applied. How practical, right?

Rotate feature

Especially if you shoot videos on your smartphone, you might notice that one of them has an orientation that is slightly off. To correct this or if you’re feeling edgy and you want to display a shot upside down, you can use the Rotate tool (or select Ctrl+R) on top of your Storyboard to adjust the orientation as you please. With only one click, you can rotate the video a quarter clockwise.

Adding filters

Windows 10 Video Editor - What's New?

For added customization, you now have the option to apply a filter directly onto your content. Next, to Rotate, you will find a Filters button; select your video and click on the tool. To the right of your screen will appear a column with a wide selection of cool effects, including Classic, Denim, Sepia, and Inky. It’s a great way to get artsy!

Cloud storage

Lastly, if you edit videos across different Windows 10 computers, Video Editor now enables you to synchronize all your projects under one single Microsoft account, whether it’s finished or in process. You will notice a Sync to OneDrive option on the top right drag-down menu symbolized by three dots; this will load your video project on any platform linked to your OneDrive media library.

Whether you are an amateur YouTuber or you just want to put together a fun video to share with your family, Windows 10 Video Editor is a super user-friendly platform to take your video editing skills to the next level. Other features include adding background music, motion graphics, 3D effects, or even duplicating projects. Finally, you’ll see that Microsoft has made its newest app very intuitive to help you enjoy an easy and convenient creation experience!


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