Windows OS and most of the major platforms design their posinting devices as per the convenience of right handed people. It’s not that people who are comfortable using their left hands are less in number, but somehow, our society is not kind to sinistrality. Hence, they set every mouse settings and pointer settings for right handed people. If you are a right handed person, you can change the settings as per your requirement. A lot of processes are there by which mouse buttons can be swapped. Here is one software called Moure.

Moure reverses mouse buttons for left handed rules. After that the default left-click button which can select and execute or open files will function as right button and vice-versa. So, install Moure and run the app. It will automatically detect the pointing devices connected to your system. Here, one thing to remember is that, Moure can detect your pointing device by using the hardware ID of the pointing device. Hence you must take note of the Hardware ID for which you want to swap the operations.

Steps To Reverse Mouse Buttons For Left-Handed Use

1. Mouse or any other pointing devices can be found in Device Manager but it will not display any names like drives or USBs. Rather, they are identified by hardware ID. This means, if you want to alter the settings of mouse or other pointing devices, you have to use its hardware ID.

2. Open Cortana in Windows 10. Type device manager in the search panel. From the search panel, select Device Manager from the results that are being displayed.

select user

3. Expand the ‘Mice and other pointing devices’ category.

select user

4. Now, select a pointing device that you recognize. Double tap on it to open the Properties page. As the and double-click it to go to its Properties.

select user

5. On the Properties window, go to the ‘Details’ tab. Open the dropdown and select Physical device object name. This is how Moure identifies your mouse.

select user

6. Now use the software to swap mouse finger operations.


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