Project Tripod, coming from AppCampus program is a photography app that is in process. The name Project Tripod was first heard in June of last year. This application receives funding from Nokia, Microsoft, and Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. Project Tripod is a high potential photography application that will be available in multi-platforms soon but till then apps from AppCampus are exclusive for 90 days on Windows Phone.
Project Tripod is a versatile application that lets you take photographs of things that change over time without the need of a Tripod. APIs are used to stitch together the images so that they are aligned and it is completely independent of who is taking the picture and in what interval of time. So you can imagine that the joining of images based on timeline.

Project Tripod now available for download, Windows Phone exclusive for 90 days

The best part of this project is you don’t have to do all the work yourself, the community can join them. The skyline of a city, the budding flowers and do>
The features of Project Tripod 1.0 are as follows:br>
1. Ability to take perfectly aligned snaps over time without the aid of a physical tripod.
2. Anyone with the app can add to these Virtual Tripods and capture beautiful art.
3. Share your pictures and art works with your friends using social networking site.
Project Tripod is available for free to Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. The app is also supported by a subscription if you want to avail three tripods and 500 uploads. You can pay $1.49 per year to reach the Hobbyist level for ten tripods and 1,500 uploads.


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