Microsoft has unveiled the next generation of Internet Explorer web browser, known as Project Spartan. Microsoft claims that the new web browser will bring a paradigm shift in the overall concept of a web browser. Project Spartan will consolidate huge numbers of features which will aim to provide an interactive platform to users. Project Spartan will enlighten the way developers develop for the web today.

Project Spartan- The next gen Web browser with Cortana integration

The new web browser will have integration with so many features like OneNote, Cortana and numerous more features. The prominent feature is Cortana integration of the web browser. Cortana, the AI voice assistant of Windows Phones and Windows OS will work in association with the new web browser and Cortana will be able to track flights, find nearby restaurants and so on. Microsoft claimed that this would be the one and only web browser with a personal assistant deeply integrated in it.

Project Spartan will take few more months to roll out and the first OS ti receive the browser is the Windows 10 insider participants. Other features which will be included are OneNote integration, enhanced readability experience and improved offline mode.


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