This article talks about using Windows 8 Drivers to solve the Dual Monitor problem that can arise in Windows 8.

As Windows 8 is launched, the most recent operating system of Microsoft, there is much hype for it over the recent days. There are fresh set ups and numerous innovations in the operating system. However, a few problems accompany the newly released Windows 8. The problem related to dual monitors is one of them when Windows 8 is installed in replacement of already running Windows 7.

Solve dual monitor problem windows 8

The problem with dual monitors is that they aren’t anymore identified as 2 different displays. Rather, the displays will be identical on each of the two monitors. Such problems usually happen when there isn’t any Windows 8 specific driver installed onto the computer.

For having a smooth functioning of Windows 8, the user requires to download and install the appropriate drivers for Windows 8. Windows 8 drivers can be searched from the part manufacturer’s website by going to Support, Downloads, or Customer Service area link and entering the required information such as your part’s name, computer’s operating system, etc. Then, download and install the Windows 8 Drivers, which will help in using an efficient Windows 8 operating system. If installing these drivers is problematic via the normal procedure, then you can do the installation in ‘Compatibility Mode’.

The following method can be applied for installing Windows 8 drivers in Compatibility Mode:

  • First, it is important to uninstall the drivers should they already be installed onto the computer.
  • Then install/reinstall the driver, by right-clicking the driver.
  • Once, the drivers are install/re-installed, choose Troubleshoot Compatibility by right clicking on the installed file.
  • After this, click on the option Try Recommended Settings.
  • Finally, Start the Program should be clicked in the new window.

The installation process of any Windows 8 driver should start then on. When the process is over, the user can verify whether the program is working all right.


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