There are many money-making methods in Oldschool Runescape, the best of which often requiring high-level skills. However, there are also various lucrative methods for making money with medium leveled skills in the area of 60s-70s.

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Lava Dragons (500-600K/H)

Located in the Wilderness, Lava Dragons are often forgotten Dragons in Runescape. Providing more XP for Prayer than normal Dragon Bones, their 100% drop of Dragon Bones as well as Black dragonhide and Lava scales provides consistent value.

Required Levels:

  • Level 70+ Magic
  • Level 70+ Defence
  • Level 43+ Prayer
  • 57 Woodcutting (Recommended)

Recommended Equipment:

  • Black Salamander + Harralander Tar
  • Mystic Robe Top + Bottoms
  • Amulet of Glory
  • God Cape
  • Rune Gloves (or higher)
  • Looting Bag
  • Any Axe
  • Extended Super-Antifire Potion(2)
  • Food (Lobsters+)
  • Pestle and Mortar 

Although it may be possible to defeat Lava Dragons at lower levels, the required levels are what make them viable as a consistent money-making method. 

The recommended equipment provides fair stats and bonuses while keeping the overall risk low due to being in a Wilderness hotspot.

The best way to get to the Lava Dragons is to use a canoe from Edgeville, requiring 57 Woodcutting and an axe to create. On the eastern side of the island, you’ll find a position to safe spot in the center of skeletons. This stops the Dragons from using melee attacks against you.

Keep an eye on your minimap and surroundings for players logging in. At peak hours especially, this can be a popular spot for low-tier PKers. For most encounters, merely running away far enough away that you can log out is possible.

Tanning Leather (500-600K/H)

The tanning of Leather using the Tan Leather spell is significantly faster than the conventional tanning methods. Even when taking into account the cost of runes for this, you make more profit per hour than running leather to the Tanner. You’ll also gain Magic XP from this method too. 

Required Levels:

  • Level 78 Magic

Required Quests/Diaries:

  • Lunar Diplomacy
  • Fremennik Hard Diary completion

Required Equipment:

  • Fire Staff
  • Nature Runes (1 per Cast)
  • Astral Runes (2 per Cast)
  • Untanned Dragon Leather

The type of untanned Dragon Leather you use depends on the current margins. As prices are always changing, it is best to check the costs of the untanned and tanned variants of Green, Blue, Red, and Black Dragon Leather prior to purchasing so you can be sure you’re making the most profit possible.

Each Cast of the Tan Leather spell will tan 5 Leather, so it is advised to fill your inventory with 25 Leather at a time. With the ability to perform up to 1600 casts per hour, this means it is possible to tan around 8000 Leather in an hour, resulting in approximately 110-120K Magic experience per hour too.

Superglass Make (450-500K/H)

With fewer requirements than Tan Leather to cast and not too far below in profit potential, Superglass Make is an excellent alternative for those without the Fremenik Hard Diaries complete.

Required Levels:

  • Level 77 Magic

Required Quests:

  • Lunar Diplomacy

Required Equipment:

  • Smoke Staff/Air Staff+Tome of Fire/Air Staff
  • Astral Runes (2 per Cast)
  • Sand + Soda Ash/Seaweed

Superglass Make has a spell bonus that increases yield by 30%, meaning on average, for every ten glass you make a bonus three will be produced. For this reason, it is advised to leave space in your inventory by withdrawing ten sand and seaweed at a time.

Each cast affects the entire inventory and results in around 60-80k Crafting experience per hour as well as 40-50k Magic experience.

Blast Furnace – Adamant Bars (750-850K/H)

You can make most types of bars at the Blast Furnace, allowing you to make significantly more bars per hour than traditional smelting as well as saving coal. 

Required Levels:

  • Level 70 Smithing

Required Quests:

  • The Giant Dwarf (Must have at least started)

Required Equipment:

  • Coal Bag (Recommended)
  • Ice Gloves (Recommended)
  • Weight-Reducing Clothing
  • Stamina Potions
  • Adamant Ore (1 per Bar)
  • Coal (3 per Bar)

As most of the ore needed is Coal, the Coal Bag ensures this method becomes much more convenient. The technique is as simple as putting ores into the hopper and withdrawing the bars. Aimed at mid-level opportunities, Adamant Bars, requiring 70 Smithing, is included here, but you can find other Blast Furnace methods on the wiki. For example, at level 85 Smithing, you can create Runite Bars that can often provide more profit than that of Adamant.

Good Luck!

These are some mid-level money-making methods that hopefully provide you some different ways to gather some gold in OSRS because you don’t need the highest levels to make a good profit in Runescape.



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